Green Tree Partnership Grant



Trees play a critical role in creating healthier, safer, and more connected communities. They clean our air, filter our water, and even slow storm surge and flooding in our cities. Trees also provide shade and cool parks and community areas.

Trees have an ability to connect communities, cultures, and generations. Trees have shown the ability to reduce stress, improve overall health and development in children, and encourage physical activity.       

We recognize the impact that trees have upon the quality of life in our communitieis. Whether it be adding interest or beautification to community parks, town entrances, school yards, sports areas, courthouses or historic sites, trees can help make a meaningful impression.

Consolidated Electric Cooperative is proud to partner with Central Electric Power Cooperative to offer the Green Tree Partnership Grant opportunity to qualified community organizations within the Consolidated Electric service territory. Through their efforts to help beautify communities, a qualified group or organization can receive up to $500 for the purchase and planting of new trees. 

Read more about funding opportunities through the Green Tree Partnership Grant brochure. If you would like to receive a brochure by mail, please call to request one at 573-581-3630 or email