We're here to help our members any way we can. Please call, come by or send us a message any time. 

Lynn Thompson - CEO/General Manager
Christa Baumhoer - Manager of Finance & Accounting
Brian Bell - Serviceman
Cheryl Blaue - Accountant
Sarah Brooks - Utility Clerk
Brian Buckert - Journeyman Lineman
Coty Cope - Data Processing Clerk
Brandon Crawford - Journeyman Lineman
Troy Crum - Manager of Operations
Josh Davenport - Journeyman Lineman
Travis Epperson - Journeyman Lineman
Brad Hagan - Serviceman
Ian Hayden - Apprentice Lineman
James Hayhurst - Lineman Carrying Orders
Alan Heimer - Lineman Carrying Orders
Paul Johannaber - Lineman Carrying Orders
Rachel Karhoff - Cashier
Tony Miller - Operations Analyst
Jared Nelson - Manager of Construction & New Services
Nancy Oakes - Administrative Services Coordinator
Melanie Oetting - Manager of Administrative Services
Tonia Prince - Consumer Services Clerk
Mike Rowe - Asst. Storekeeper/Custodian
Devan Schuckenbrock - Journeyman Lineman
Dan Schutte - Working Foreman
Kaleb Storts - Journeyman Lineman
Bethany Teel - Billing Clerk
Chad Thall - Storekeeper
Steve Tiller - Working Foreman
Cale Utterback - Journeyman Lineman
Kenny Walker - Journeyman Lineman
Ed Wieberg - Mechanic
Gage Worley - Apprentice Lineman