Business & Agriculture Audits

Small Business and Agriculture Energy Audits

This audit opportunity is offered as part of the Take Control & Save Energy Efficiency Program and is for agriculture and small business members with less than 60,000 kWh monthly energy usage who have a variety of energy consuming equipment and processes with the potential for energy efficiency.

Recently the USDA Rural Development has taken steps to encourage the availability of energy audits. This includes creating a separate grant program to cost share audit fees through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). The USDA Rural Development has awarded matching REAP funds to Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. (AECI) to implement an agriculture and small business energy audit program for 2010 and 2011.

Audits will generally range in cost of $750-$2,000 and will include a site visit by an auditor who will inspect and inventory energy-consuming processs and equipment. The energy audit can encompass several hours for gathering data. The member will be responsible for paying 25% of the audit fee prior to the audit.

The auditor will prepare a report for the member, recommending changes that could reduce energy consumption. Members may also used the audit report to apply for USDA grant funds.

Members interested in learning more about the small business and agricultural energy audits should call the Member Services Department at 573-581-3630.