Community Involvement

4H Camp

Annual 4-H Camps4H Camp

Consolidated Electric Cooperative personnel partners with Education Specialists from Central Electric Power Cooperative to provide 4-H Summer Camp curriculum  activities at Camp Clover Point and the Monroe County camps.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation at School

Energy efficiency and conservation education is also a part of the school curriculum for middle school age children. Letters are mailed to all schools in the Cooperative service territory each fall, any teacher that is interested in scheduling a presentation can call to coordinate. To express interest or find out more information, contact 573-581-3630.

Farm Safety Demo

Farm Safety Camp

The Progressive Farmer Youth Farm Safety Day is sponsored by the Audrain County University Extension and is held approximately every three years.

Consolidated Electric Cooperative has been host to the event and actively participates by providing electrical safety demonstrations with the Live Line safety trailer.

Power Town Safety Demonstrations

Power Town Demo

Power Town DemoCooperative personnel and Education Specialists work year-round providing electrical safety demonstrations to elementary students throughout the CEC service territory.

A traveling Power Town kit offers the opportunity for educators to discuss substations, electric lines, trees near power lines and vehicular accidents involving power lines. Children are able to see an actual display of electricity arcing throughout parts of the live demonstration.

Teachers who are not currently participating in the electrical safety education program may contact the Cooperative office at 573-581-3630 to gain more information.

Safety Town

Cooperative personnel uses the Power Town kit to demonstrate electrical safety to pre-kindergarten aged children attending the Safety Town program in Mexico each summer.

United Way Week of Caring

Cooperative staff also participated in the first annual United Way Week of Caring in 2009. The Week of Caring paired United Way agencies that don't generally work together up to assist each other with an activity during the week.

The Cooperative staff purchased desk lamp kits that were made of insulators that are used on electric lines. Each participant of the Audrain County Rugrats 4-H group were able to build their own lamp, complete with a compact fluorescent light bulb.

Walk Back In Time Education Day

CEC is the proud sponsor of the Walk Back In Time Education Day at the Audrain County Historical Society complex. Education Day is a day reserved for students to travel back in time to see what life was like in various eras of American history. Each year nearly 500 students travel to the Education Day from around central Missouri.

Students tour eight historical camps that are set in a unique reverse timeline. The living history event was developed to portray time as it was during the 1950's Korean War, the 1940's World War II, the 1898 Spanish American War, the 1880's Cowboys, the 1860's Civil War, the 1830's Mountain Men, the 1770's Colonial and Native Americans.

Tours and information of the original Audrain County Kerr Country Schoolhouse are also conducted by Cooperative staff for the children each year as part of Education Day.

Walk Back In Time