On The Farm

Agriculture operations and farmstead residences can use technologies and techniques that reduce energy use. Find information about energy efficiency, technologies, ongoing research, policies and programs.

The Rural Electricity Resource Council offers advice on energy efficiency, standby generators, electrical wiring, safety and other topics of interest. The following are ideas to consider if you are working to improve your electricity use:

Efficient Use of Livestock Waterers - Offers tips and suggestions for maintenance and use of livestock waterers.

Electric Motors: Efficiency & Maintenance - Describes the main uses for motors in agriculture, and provides tips for maintenance and energy efficiency.

Fan Maintenance Saves Energy & Money - Just because a fan is turning doesn't mean it's moving air efficiently.

Outdoor Lighting in Rural Areas - Overhead flood lighting should be combined with motion-sensor illumination near doors to obtain an energy-efficient lighting design.

How To Select A Standby Generator - Recommendations on selecting a standby generator that will meet your needs.

New Motor Technology - Describes the new Written-Pole TM motor and how it can be used to power loads from 15 to 60 horsepower, using single phase service.

Sizing Electric Circuits & Extension Cords - When selecting the wire size needed for a circuit or using an extension cord to power a heater, motor or other device, size makes a big difference.

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