Marathon Water Heaters

If you are interested in investing in a high efficiency water heater, please contact the Member Services Department to obtain purchasing information for a Marathon Water Heater.

A few features the Marathons promote are:

  • No rust, no corrosion - EVER!
  • Unique 2-ply PermaGuard design: A seamless, blow-molded polybutene inner tankwrapped in fliament-wound fiberglass.
  • Great for 'brutal well water" conditions.
  • Lifetime tank warranty (tanks sized 50 gallons or less)
  • Energy saving pipe wrap kit - reduces heat loss through plumbing lines.

Water heaters of various sizes are available to order through CEC. Delivery is generally expected within 7-10 days. Delivery times may vary based on time of order.

*Lifetime Tank Warranty - refer to warranty information provided by Rheem/Marathon. Learn More.