Energy Efficiency

Make Saving Energy a Game

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You will find energy games, tips and facts for kids who are interested in learning how to save energy. Follow the links on this page to learn the various ways kids are able to participate in energy efficiency and conservation too.

Smart Energy Use at Home

Learn how the whole family can work to improve the energy efficiency of your own home. By following a few basic tips, you may find that you are able to help your parents save money, improve the comfort of your home and maybe even help the environment too.

Kids Saving Energy

Hey kids, learn about changes you can make at home, what you should do with your computers or games when you're not using them and learn what renewable energy is all about by cruising through these saving energy games, tips and facts.

Are You An Energy KID?

Take time to explore all the activities on this site from the Energy Information Administration. Read and learn about...

  • What is Energy?
  • Energy Sources
  • Using & Saving Energy
  • Calculators & Tools
  • Games & Activities
  • History of Energy