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What are the most cost-effective improvements that can be made to a home to save energy?

It depends on the home. Usually, near the top of the list are sealing gaps, cracks and other leaks that let outside air into the home (especially in the attic), adding insulation in the attic, sealing and insulating air ducts that run through attics or crawlspaces and repairing or replacing old or poorly functioning heating and cooling systems and appliances. Installing ENERGY STAR qualified lighting in the home is also very cost-effective.

What Members Can Do At Home

Conducting a Do-It-Yourself Energy Audit of your home can lead to saving money on electric bills and using less energy. Print this check list to work off of as you evaluate your home.

For more information and suggestions, take a room-by-room look at this ENERGY STAR home  to see what changes you may be able to make in your own home.

Use the Home Energy Saver to find resources to make your home more energy efficient by using this web-based do-it-yourself energy audit tool.

Professional Energy Audits

As part of the Take Control & Save Energy Efficiency program, any Consolidated Electric Cooperative member may request to have a BPI certified auditor conduct a comprehensive audit of their home. Auditors working through the Central Missouri Community Action Agency and the Northeast Community Action Corporation will perform the audit, prepare a report of recommended improvement measures and a follow up audit to evaluate the implemented measures.

Members will be responsible for paying a portion of the audit cost.

Members must be referred to the Action Agencies by Cooperative staff. If you are interested in paying to have a comprehensive audit conducted on your home you should contact the Cooperative office at 573-581-3630 or 1-800-621-0091. Based on the availability of the Community Action Agency auditors, there will likely be a waiting period once requested.


Energy Efficiency Tips for Renters

Tips for Renters

You too have options when it comes to reducing your utility bills and making the home you're living in more energy efficient. ENERGY STAR has put together a list of useful tips and ideas that can help you conserve and save.

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